Blog 5

When reading these writings first off, it is very hard to compare to anything. I have not read any first person letters from a soldier at war. I can relate them to maybe someones written book but, than again, a person’s own written biography doesnt seem as real. I liked how he was able to explain things and you get to see how real this guy is. I particularly liked how he scolds his wife about teaching and explains she has to teach with passion and if not to quite teaching. It goes to show how he was so passionate about educating the youth especially being a school teacher himself. I also enjoyed how loving he always is, especially to his wife. He always greets her and ends his letters so lovingly. He also always shows sympathy for her by expressing to her how hard things are for her and really never complaining much about his situation except for on occasion as it seems so that he doesnt worry her. These letters were awesome reads


  1. Karl Fuchs, “A German Soldier’s Letters from the Eastern Front”

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