blog 7

This read was crazy. I enjoyed this one so much. It was so heart warming and so full of emotion that you were able to feel it. She lays out her thoughts as if she was speaking to her father face to face. I enjoyed how she also showed how she did not need him but at the same time missed, hated, rejected, and was ashamed of him. I also enjoy how she tells us the troubles she has to go through because she is mixed. Also, she tells about the bullshit her mother went through to be with her father at a time were it was still looked down upon. This reminds me of the Letters from the German soldier how he describes his hate for interracial couples. This depicted the views of Germans especially seeing how he was an educated school teacher. I could only imagine him sharing these views with the youth keeping such hatred alive. Again, what a great read I loved it.



Ika Hugel-Marshall, Invisible Woman: Growing up Black in Germany,


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